Couchbase as properties repository

Couchbase is a NOSQL persistent data store. You can store Serializable Java objects in couchbase.
I have used Couchbase extensively to save all the configurations properties. I have saved all the properties as JSON objects. These objects can be created and edited directly using the admin console provided by Couchbase.

You can perform asynchronous get/set operations with couchbase.

I have observed that the get/set operations fail at certain times. Hence, I have also implemented retrying mechanism. In the retry mechanism I add the the failed tasks to a List of pending tasks. I perform the get/set operations of these pending tasks by means of a separate Timer task which is scheduled at a regular interval.


About Venkat Ram Taddi

I am a web application development specialist. I designed and developed many web applications using various technologies like Java, Ruby on Rails, Flex etc. I will be sharing here technical tips and ideas that I have solved in my projects and assignments so that you can benefit and you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I am a hard core tennis fan. I love playing tennis. I play tennis to burn those extra calories that I gain by eating my favourite food items which I simply can not resist. Of late I started running and I already completed a few marathons and half marathons.
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